Who We Are


Get involved now with the only organization that advocates FOR you: TRTA! Did you know the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) is prohibited from lobbying on your behalf? Vital decisions that impact your pension fund and health insurance plans are dependent solely upon legislative action.

Renew Dues

Formed in 1953, we are the largest retired educator organization in the country with more than 80,000 members! We work together to improve your retirement benefits.

During the 83rd Legislative Session, we convinced lawmakers to pass the first permanent cost-of-living increase since 2001. Senate Bill 1458 not only made the TRS pension fund actuarially sound, it also provided a 3 percent annual raise to 200,000 public education retirees.

In 2015, the TRS-Care health insurance program faced a shortfall of nearly $1 billion. TRTA members advocated before and during session to receive an additional $768 million for the plan and prevented premiums from increasing for 250,000 TRS-Care participants!

Join TRTA today and be one of the 80,000 educators who stand up for their rights and retirement security every day. Together, we protect what you have earned!

Our Member Benefits

Our members receive up to 22 benefits ranging from reduced rates on dental and vision care to travel discounts.

What You Receive

TRTA is your guide into the Texas Capitol!

Expert Advocacy - TRTA boasts the professional, institutional, legislative, and stakeholder expertise necessary to be the go-to advocacy organization for all current and future TRS retirees!

Professional Staff - TRTA staff members are motivated, experienced, friendly and hard-working.

Location, Location, Location - TRTA’s office is in downtown Austin, Texas. We are just minutes from the east door of the historic Texas Capitol.

Run by Retirees - TRTA has an empowered Board of Directors who are all Texas TRS retirees. They believe in public education, the legacy that our retirees represent, and do all they can to ensure this association provides excellent value for all its members.

The VOICE - Our quarterly bulletin informs you about all the latest TRTA news and highlights the good that our members accomplish every day. Find our eye-catching, informative fact sheets in The VOICE and send them to your legislators or share them with fellow retirees and active educators!

Inside Line - Our weekly e-newsletter about pension, health care and election news, featuring legislative action alerts that allow you  to contact your legislator when urgent matters--such as a bill coming up for a vote--arise!

Video Updates - We keep you up to speed with our video updates, everything from weekly legislative news to heartwarming features about our members to training videos that help you communicate more effectively with your elected officials.