Running for TRTA Officer Positions

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If you are a qualified member interested in running for a TRTA office, please complete the filing form and submit it to the TRTA office. In accordance with the TRTA Bylaws, the elected officers of the association shall be President, First Vice–President, Second Vice–President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Below are steps governing the election of TRTA Officers:

Officers of the Organization, Article VII, Section 1.1
TRTA shall have the following statewide officers, who shall be elected or appointed as specified:
1. The officers elected by the House of Delegates shall be the President, First Vice–President, Second Vice–President, and Secretary/ Treasurer. A candidate for any of these offices shall have been a participating member of TRTA and of a Local Unit for at least three (3) years, and shall have served as an elected officer of a District or Local Unit, but need not have served as a statewide officer.

Nominating Committee Guidelines
TRTA Operations Policy

1. The Nominating Committee shall solicit nominations for elections to statewide office in the September and December issues of the TRTA publication. Nominee forms should be requested from the TRTA administrative office and must be completed and returned to that office with photos, postmarked no later than January 15. All nominees meeting the established criteria, as determined by the Nominating Committee, shall be candidates for the respective offices. Biographical data and photos of all candidates shall be published in the February issue of the TRTA publication.

Campaigning for TRTA Office/Position
TRTA Operations Policy

Campaign procedures to be followed by all candidates for TRTA office are:
1. Whether announced or unannounced as a candidate for a TRTA office, the campaigning period shall begin 90–days prior to the start of the TRTA convention and conclude upon the election of TRTA officers.
2. TRTA shall not pay campaign expenses incurred for any candidate.
3. Name and address mailing labels of district and local unit presidents, and the Board of Directors, may be provided to TRTA officer candidates upon written request to the Executive Director. A payment of $25 is required. The request must indicate that the label information will be used only in the campaign for the current office sought.
4. A request for mailing labels shall be discussed only with staff and/or officers, and only for the process of providing the labels.

Elections, Article VIII, Section 2
1. The House of Delegates shall elect the officers by secret ballot at the annual TRTA Convention. A majority vote shall elect. If no majority vote is achieved, a run–off election shall be conducted between the two (2) candidates receiving the most votes. If there is only one (1) nominee for an office, a vote for that office may be by voice.

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