Legislative Team

Tim Lee - Executive Director 

Mr. Lee has worked on public pension policy since 1996. He has served on various state legislative panels and gubernatorial commissions, and participated in forums with legislative leaders.

As TRTA’s director, Mr. Lee has the great honor of leading the largest and most active retired educator organization in the nation. TRTA’s membership has nearly doubled since he joined TRTA, and he credits the hard work and never ending drive of TRTA’s leaders, volunteers, advocates, staff, and friends in the education community.

“TRTA is a great organization. The people we work for deserve the gratitude of this state, and we will never stop protecting the benefits they earned as active school employees,” Lee said when asked what he believes is the most important role of TRTA.

Known around the country as a passionate speaker and energetic leader, Mr. Lee is a strong advocate for protecting the defined benefit pension plan and the TRS-Care retiree health insurance program.

In the last decade, TRTA has helped make the TRS fund actuarially sound, provided a supplemental check to hundreds of thousands of TRS retirees, passed a true cost-of-living increase for over 200,000 retirees, protected the TRS-Care retiree health care program, maintained the TRS pension plan as a true defined benefit, and advanced the discussion on the repeal of the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision.

“There is no group more focused on protecting and improving retirement benefits for our TRS retirees and pre-retirees, and I am proud to serve as this organization’s Executive Director,” Lee concluded.

Ronnie Jung - Pensions Consultant

Mr. Jung is the former Executive Director of TRS. During his tenure, Mr. Jung served more than 1.3 million members with investments over $100 billion. He also oversaw the active and retiree health care programs.

Mr. Jung has intimate knowledge of TRS operations and is passionate about helping retired educators get the most out of their benefits.

Vicki Truitt - Legislative Consultant

Mrs. Truitt is a former member of the Texas House of Representatives, serving District 98. While an elected member of the Texas Legislature, Representative Truitt Chaired the Pensions, Investments, and Financial Services Committee and oversaw many bills that protected TRS benefits and helped our state TRS retirees. She is a staunch defender of the retirement rights of public educators.

Mrs. Truitt now serves as TRTA’s Legislative Consultant. She advises TRTA on legislative outreach and direct advocacy efforts with state lawmakers and other elected leaders in Texas government. Mrs. Truitt uses her political expertise and years of personal and political connections to lobby for bills in favor of protecting retiree benefits.

Bill Barnes - State Legislative Coordinator

Mr. Barnes volunteers as the TRTA State Legislative Coordinator and TRTA Legislative Committee Chairman.  He is a strong advocate for retirees and is committed to working for the preservation of the TRS pension system and promoting better health care benefits for retirees.

Mr. Barnes provided 37 years of education service to Irving ISD and Hurst Euless Bedford ISD before retiring. He and his wife, Janice Barnes, volunteer in the community and are active in retired teachers associations. 

He has a vast knowledge of pension issues, and he spends many hours visiting legislators, speaking at local units and working with active teachers.