TRTA Local Unit Support Committee


State Local Unit Support Committee Chair
Jo Long

State Local Unit Support Committee Members
Judy Gibson
Beverly Tackett
Carolyn Taylor
Earl Wall

Pictured left to right: Judy Gibson, Beverly Tackett, Earl Wall, Chair Jo Long, Carolyn Taylor

Policy: The TRTA Local Unit Support Committee shall work with district presidents and district local unit support liaisons to provide resource materials and assistance to local units in need of increased growth and participation. The committee shall collaborate with other standing and special committees as appropriate to further the mission of TRTA.

2017 Local Unit Support Committee Convention Slideshow (You do not need a Dropbox account to download this file. Simply 'X' out of the account creation request, and click the 'Direct Download' option from the top-right side of the screen.)

2017-2018 Local Unit Support Committee Resource Guide